1. (Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Puppy Socialization, Senior Pet Care, Pet Taxi, Pet Medication Administration)
  2. Rescheduling: If you are unable to keep agreed upon time, please call to reschedule. I will do my best to accommodate you.
  3. Pet and Supply Information:

  4. (amounts, times per day and location)
  5. (aggression, separation . . .)
  6. (bathroom, room transitions, when leaving)
  7. (hot spots or joint issues)
  8. Outside Routines (time table):

  9. (other pets, outside animal and people)
  10. (come, sit, paw, off, down, when leaving: I’ll be back, go to sleep)
  11. (leash, towel, grooming supplies, pooper scooper/baggies)
  12. Play:

  13. Time to Leave:

  14. Additional Information and Instructions:

  15. (mail and newspapers collected, curtains open or shut, lights off or on, plants watered, expected packages, garbage/recycling (pickup days), alarm, Other)
  16. (Please provide 2 ways to enter house)


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